March 29, 2017

Wo/Man is a photo series by photographer Sarah Evans @shoeboxsarah featuring professional women as their male alter egos.  The concept is intended to be a fun exploration of every woman’s “inner man” and how that personality differs (or doesn’t) from their effeminate identity.  All of the participants became the man they never dreamed of becoming or knowing.  Are these alternate egos drawn from stereotypes or some sort of unlocked gender psyche?  One thing is for sure, a woman can look damn handsome sporting a beard. 

First up is @charlotteliketheonion who works in the whimsical world of TV. Not only does she run post-production on several TV shows as smooth as butter but she's also an extremely talented "sewist"!

DJ? Brooding intellectual? Student? Who knows what @jillhughes7 is trying to emulate here. Definitely not her usual horse back riding.

You don't want to be stuck talking to this guy at the resort bar! But really, @laonfire is one of the most interesting people to talk to. As a TV producer on various shows, you know she's got some stories!

Who is this boisterous Sens fan? Probably some dude your husband is on a fantasy hockey league with. Actually, it's @cheerfullymade who owns and runs an extremely succesful shop in Almonte, specializing in handmade goods from good ole Canada! She's (he?) also the mastermind behind her own craft show, as well as the Etsy captain for her region! Oh yeah, and she has her own line of soy candles called #campycandles. Seriously, she does an exhausting amount of work.

This old fart is usually seen lurking aroumd dingy steak houses, picking meat gristle out of his teeth and yelling at people from the bar. But really, this is Sarah's aunt Merilyn Read, an accomplished TV producer with a Juno sitting daintily in her living room ( that's like a Canadian Academy award in case you're not sure). She's not an old fart but she probably will yell at you from the bar!

Hey man, wanna drink beer and listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers in my basment? Taisa is really using her acting chops to send out those bro vibes.

This guy is just dying to swirl some wine with you and talk about the latest art exhibit. Not too far from who he really is though. @tracybacenas is an artist and TV editor extraordinaire. She knows how to spin a story out of nothing, whether it be for the screen or canvas. All for your viewing pleasure!

Serious about his craft, this chef is known for his intense presence in the kitchen. Legend has it that he once served "weightless cheese" to the Queen. What is that, you ask? I have no fricken clue. Trish Donaldson IS an accomplished chef, famous in the Ottawa area (and probably elsewhere) can she make weightless cheese? I'm not too sure but something tells me her incredible talent can produce wonderous things.

Last but not lease, meet the guy who will be your best friend one minute then steal your girl the next. He's the Foo Fighters number one fan and takes an hour at the gym to do 5 bench presses (not at max reps). This is @shoeboxsarah, but she's not a douche like her alter ego. 

About Sarah Evans 

Sarah is photographer/videographer currently based in Ottawa, Ontario.  Although she shoots primarily in digital, she likes to spend her savings on film to keep up with the whole “starving artist” thing.    She loves taking creative portraits but doesn’t shy away from a lovely landscape opportunity.  Most of her commercial work can be found at and her “arty” stuff at .

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